It's all about the moment

Kids are best photographed when candid. I try to capture the best of their emotions, character & creativity. It's all about the moment. The pictures above display some of those moments captured by me.

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The Story

I fell in love with natural light child portrait photography while clicking my nephew Naksh. And soon one of my friends invited me to shoot his nephew, Shrey. Few months later Shrey became Landmark's poster boy and went on to do a TV Ad with Rani Mukherjee & Saif Ali Khan.

Don't mistake me for a model photographer. I am a hobbyist photographer, inspired by my friend (KK) to take up photography (during a trip to Sikkim in 2004).


I currently take up assignments in Chennai & Bangalore. Weekends are the best time to schedule a shoot. Usually your house, garden or a park close by is the best location for the shoot (as long as there is reasonable sunlight).

I charge a nominal fee that helps me spend quality time processing pictures, buying better gear and traveling. A usual shoot session lasts 45 minutes. I deliver 8-10 pictures (digital/CD) along with postcard size prints. The Age group that I shoot for is most often between 1 - 8 years.

Contact Me

I am always excited to take up new assignments. I am based out of Chennai and there are plenty of ways you can reach me. Give me shout on twitter. Email me. Text me or Call me +91 9840111792. Catch me on Skype.

You can also visit my blog, flickr pictures sets and Tenmiles website (my day job).